My Cat is Getting Old and Decrepit

It has come to our realization that my cat can no longer hear us. Usually, when I get home, she rushes out from wherever she is to greet me. Lately, when I’ve come home, she’s sleeping and is all the shocked by my presence when I go to wake her up.

We’ve been stepping on her more, too. She used to be able to hear us come near her and move out of the way accordingly, but since she can’t heat us…well, draw your own conclusions.

I’m pretty sure that she can’t hear my voice, either, which goes hand in hand with the ‘not coming to greet me when I get home’ thing. Usually (read : nine times out of ten) when I get home, I yell out “Kitty, I’m home!” which is what sends her running to me.

I’m still going to talk to her, even if she can’t hear me. Though I do wonder if she’s ever going to meow at me someday, to tell me that she wants to hear my voice, even though I’m already speaking.

I’m going to miss her when we’re on vacation. I wish we could bring her with us, but I realize that realistically that’s just not possible. It would be cruel to make her wait in the car while we went to go eat lunch/dinner/breakfast inside someplace where pets weren’t allowed. Besides, she’s too old to go on car trips halfway across the country. And she has a tendency to puke sometimes. I don’t think Aunt Dottie would take kindly to our cat puking on her carpet…or her brand new floor. Hell, I don’t take kindly to Jesse puking on our carpet, especially when she pukes *after* I’ve already vacuumed.

I suppose when we drop her off at the vet’s tomorrow, we’ll tell them that she’s a bit hard of hearing. Though what they can do about it, I don’t know. If they can do something, I don’t see the point in paying for it, considering how old she is, and considering that she’s not in the best of health.

Oh! And she sneezes more than she used to. Essy mentioned that her dog, Caramel, used to sneeze blood before she died, and I’m worried that someday I’m going to find out that Jesse has started sneezing blood.

Vacation…I don’t know the rest of the song :

I don’t really feel like updating, so I guess I’ll make this fast.

We’ve sort of made a “last-minute” decision to vacation to Nebraska next week (07/01-07/07). We’d be able to light our own fireworks, and OMG! It gets darker there like 10 times faster! Since there’s no Great Lakes nearby and all. So woot to that
We’d be leaving after Dad came home from Church on Sunday, and probably arriving in Nebraska some time on Monday. I’m hoping dad doesn’t plan on sleeping in Monday morning because I really don’t like sleeping in hotels. Unless they have an Internet connection, there won’t be much for me to do to entertain myself while he’s asleep. Turning on the TV tends to just wake him up (which can be a bit of a problem, since I use the TV to fall asleep in the middle of some nights).

I have a car adapter for my computer, so I’m saving my favourite websites to my hard drive for something to read on the trip there. I’m thinking of downloading some ebooks as well from Many Books. I’ve got a gazillion ebooks already saved to my Hard drive, but most of them are in Palm Pilot format.

And that’s really about all I feel like writing for now :

A Tribute to my Wit and Witicism

Jamison: Elvis is dead, honey.
Me: No he’s not! I just saw him in my shovel last week!

Show off your geekiness with “Jewelry” and a Useless Account!

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ll take a look at these pictures and wonder how you’ve managed to live so long without such a necklace around your neck :
Byte M3 Choker NecklaceGeek Necklace

(Images copyright (C) to Liz Staley’s Realm of Nerdiness, and used without permission).

You can find these wonderful accessories on Page 2 and Page 3 of Liz’s Etsy (Etsy is a sort of online store you run yourself).

At first, I thought the necklaces/bracelets were a bit overpriced, until I realized that it does cost about $18 for a keyboard, and she probably would need to buy quite a few keyboards, if she was going to attempt to mass produce such products. The yarn wouldn’t be that bad, depending on what type she got. I think the lowest cost of yarn would be about a dollar or so? And that’s for cheap yarn. Though, if she wants to dabble in different textures of yarn, and perhaps better, more “durable”/”wearable”/”knotable” yarn, it could get as expensive as $5-$10 or so, depending on what kind she buys and how much of said kind she buys. Though, I do feel $2 for shipping is kind of steep, especially for in the country. Especially considering that such a thing would only need 2 or 3 stamps in order to send it (which, with current stamp prices would be .78¢ or $1.17 (which I would just round to $1.50, but I’m not the one who’s making the necklace, so dot-dot-dot).